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Family Photo Album's


John L. Songer and wife Susana with there children
Charlie H. Songer, Emmitt M. Songer, David D. Songer, Lillie Songer, Will Songer - circa 1914

Photo's Submitted by: Mary Katherine Coppinger


Mary Katherine Coppinger and Leo Songer

Mary Katherine Coppinger and Leo Songer

Leo Songer

Mary Katherine Coppinger and her daughter Teresa

Left to right, Emmet, Charley his wife Mary ,one of the sisters. Front- Dallas, Wiliam, John Lafate Grandaughter Mary Dotson Susana holding Grandson General Dotsonl


Mary Katherine and Rose Songer Fuqua


Paul Parish and Ruby Songer Parish


Ruby Songer Parish


Allie Songer, Mary Songer


Allie Songer Alexander


Allie Songer Alexander 1909--1992


Allie Songer Alexander With Family


Joh Songer, William Songer


John Songer Family


Lillie Songer Dotson 1913--1946


Lillie Songer Dotson


Allie Songer Alexander, William (bill) Songer


Leo Songer, William Songer (Will)

Emmitt M. Songer 1896 - 1986

Emmitt M. Songer's Drivers License

Grover H. Songer 1935 - 1998

Homer M. Songer 1926 - 1953

Mary K Bryant (Songer) with James and Victor Songer



The original owner of the bar was the Songer family, and it was called Songer's Cafe.
John "Wip" Wiparina became co-owner of the bar in 2002, partnering with Jeff Massie, who has been an owner since 1988.
The original opened it in 1880 and continued being open through Prohibition," Wiparina said.
Wiparina said during Prohibition, the bar became a restaurant. Food was cooked in the kitchen where the dart boards now stand.
"The pool room that we have now was a dining area," Wiparina said.
"The original bar, the place where you actually sit at, is believed to be the oldest one in existence in Ohio, although we are not sure where it is today," Wiparina said.
The hand-carved bar is 24 feet long and 12 to 14 feet high.
"It was a Brunswick Monarch, which was the Cadillac of bars back then. It had three arches and featured three murals that were painted by a local artist," Wiparina said.
Wiparina said the three murals are safe at the home of a Bucyrus resident, but no one knows where the actual bar is.

Photo's Submitted by: Jenny Hall



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